What are YUTTO's entrepreneurship supports?

YUTTO supports entrepreneurs and entrepreneur candidates with the following two entrepreneurship programs. 

The first of these is a four-stage entrepreneurship program called BCWR. The steps of the four-stage entrepreneurship program;

  • BORN: Idea stage; Yeditepe Yeni Fikir Early Stage Startup Accelerator Program Application
  • CRAWL: Pre-incubation stage; business development trainings, mentoring, seminars, workshops, prototyping, Demo Day (Investor Pitch Day)
  • WALK: Incubation stage; corporation, investor and customer negotiation  
  • RUN: Growth stage; follow-up meetings, go to global market 

The other is the TUBITAK BiGG Program. The steps of the three-stage entrepreneurship program;

  • Stage1: Receiving and evaluating applications, providing basic entrepreneurship training and pre-incubation services 
  • Stage2: Mentoring sessions, training on 5 different topics, business plan preparation support and incubation service.
  • Stage 3: (TÜBİTAK Acceptance): Opportunity to benefit from incorporation and incubation services and benefit from Technopark tax exemptions 

What is Yeditepe Yeni Fikir?

  • Yeditepe Yeni Fikir Program offers technology-based business ideas from the initial stage to the incorporation stage; It is a two-stage program that supports entrepreneurship training, expert mentor support and access to investor networks.


What is Yeditepe Yeni Fikir Ideathon?

  • Yeditepe Yeni Fikir Ideathon is an idea development and project camp. The camp planned to be held includes both training and competition. Entrepreneur candidates who want to be entrepreneurs, have a need identified or have a business idea; It is a two-day idea development camp supported by trainings, workshops and entrepreneur stories.

What are the application requirements?

  • Entrepreneur candidates must be Yeditepe University students.
  • Must have knowledge of entrepreneurship and identify a need.

What are the evaluation criteria?

  • Interviews will be held face to face or online.

When can I apply for the program?

  • Applications for the 2023 Term will be received as of November 2023.


What is Yeditepe Yeni Fikir High School?

It is a one-day Ideathon Program to be held with İSTEK High Schools. Successful teams will definitely participate in the Yeditepe Yeni Fikir Early Stage Startup Acceleration Program.

What are the application requirements?

Entrepreneur candidates must be students at İSTEK Foundation High Schools.
It is necessary to produce a project regarding entrepreneurship.

What are the evaluation criteria?

A preliminary evaluation will be carried out by YUTTO responsible personnel.


What is Yeditepe Yeni Fikir Early Stage Startup Acceleration Program?

  • It is a program in which Yeditepe University entrepreneurs who are successful in the Yeditepe Yeni Fikir Ideathon and High School Programs and have a business idea plan will be supported with various training and mentoring and brought to the investment stage. It will be held in the spring semester according to the academic program, after the Ideathon and High School Programs. In the program, which is planned to last 2-3 months, entrepreneurs will be brought together with investors during Demo Day, after the preparation of investor presentations. Successful entrepreneurs will be offered office and prototyping workshop opportunities at the end of the competition.

What are the application requirements?

  • Entrepreneurs who are successful in Yeditepe Yeni Fikir Ideathon and High School Programs and have a business idea plan will participate directly.
  • Entrepreneurs or entrepreneurial teams must come up with a business idea.
  • At least one person from the entrepreneur team must be a member of Yeditepe University.
  • You can apply to the program individually and/or in groups.
  • Technology-based business ideas will be evaluated.

Is it possible to apply with more than one project?

No. Only one project team can be involved.

What are the evaluation criteria?

  • Team: Evaluation of the competence of the team members for the project and the knowledge required to realize the project.
  • Problem and solution: Evaluation of the importance of the problem being solved and its potential to create a demand effect on people.
  • Market and go-to-market strategy: Evaluation of market opportunity and exit strategy.
  • Business model: The effectiveness of the type of solution
  • Competition and sustainability: the continuity of the solution, the continuity of the business idea.
  • Capital and funding strategy: The capital created for the realization of the idea and the subsequent funding strategy.

When can I apply to the program?

Applications for the 2023 Term will be received as of March 2024.

What are business development trainings?

  • Team Building & Execution management
  • Idea & Needs Validation 
  • Business model creation
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Intellectual Property & Regulations
  • Canvas Business Model
  • Market opportunity and go to market strategy
  • Online presentation techniques
  • Investor Presentation

How are entrepreneur-mentor pairings carried out?

Entrepreneurs and mentors are defined in the "Mentornity" system, which is a software platform. Entrepreneurs specify their entrepreneurial profiles, and mentors specify their areas of expertise in the system and indicate their available times. Entrepreneurs request appointments from mentors according to their availability. Interviews can be conducted online or face-to-face in the system.

How will the process after Yeditepe Yeni Fikir Program proceed?

A startup that has completed the Yeditepe Yeni Fikir Acceleration Program is deemed to have completed the Born (Idea) and Crawl (Pre-Incubation) stages in YUTTO's four-stage entrepreneurship program. After the Yeditepe Yeni Fikir, Walk (Incubation) stage, incorporation, access to customer and investment networks, office support are provided. Following the incubation phase, in the Run phase, support for the growth of companies is provided and performance is monitored.